Readers React: Make gun owners carry liability insurance for their weapons

Handguns for sale are displayed at the South Florida Gun Show in Miami in 2018.
(Michelle Eve Sandberg / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: A letter writer ridiculed the idea that perhaps gun manufacturers should be held responsible for their products being misused, comparing it to holding the car manufacturer responsible for the guy in 1999 who drove his Cadillac through a Costa Mesa school yard.

Point taken. The perpetrator was at fault. But he probably had some kind of car insurance if he was driving a Cadillac.

So, why not enact legislation for all gun owners to maintain liability insurance on their weapons? It would be the same as with a car, and although it will not safeguard against every maverick out there, I’d like to know if my kid was accidentally shot by another kid playing with an unsecured gun, protection would be there for medical bills.

If liability insurance is a legal requirement of all car owners (cars being potentially lethal weapons), why not have gun liability insurance?


Patricia Buckley, Trabuco Canyon


To the editor: The letter comparing to gun manufacturers to car makers would be laughable if it weren’t so misguided. The writer somehow compares the 2012 slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary School to a man 20 years ago who drove a car through a crowd.

I have news for him: Cars provide transportation. The purpose of assault weapons is to kill.


Tanya Hanson, Oxnard

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