Opinion: Don’t listen to the male pundits, Hillary Clinton. Speak out and speak often.

Hillary Clinton speaks during the Women in the World Summit in New York on April 6.
(Mary Altaffer / Associated Press)

To the editor: Perhaps it’s because Doyle McManus’ column was published the day after the firing of former FBI Director James Comey; or it’s because of the passing by the House of a so-called Obamacare replacement that will really hurt women, children and families; or it’s because of the clarity of what exactly happened in the Russian meddling in our election that favored one unqualified male candidate over an overqualified female candidate who has dedicated her entire life to public service; but another opinion piece on why Hillary Clinton shouldn’t run again by another male writer is a bridge too far for me and millions of people who supported her.

How would a male candidate get over an election that had transpired in such a way? I suppose McManus thinks we should all just get over it. Sorry, not this time.

Nalsey Tinberg, Los Angeles



To the editor: In the immediate aftermath of the most devastating loss in 240 years of presidential politics, a loss where the inevitable was defeated by the deplorable, Clinton went for a sojourn in the woods around her home, the same home where a private email server once gathered dust and state secrets.

I had hoped that she might find some anonymity while she searched for the meaning of the rest of her life, but alas, she’s back and apparently without a lick of newfound wisdom.

Instead of meditating on her deficiencies, she is singing the Comey blues. Although a majority of white women chose to grasp the small hands of a genital-grabber by voting for him, Clinton focuses on misogyny as one reason she lost.

In the spirit of forgiveness and with the recognition that all this electoral losing addles the idle mind, I urge that we forgive the dissembling and wish Clinton well.


Paul Bloustein, Cincinnati

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