Readers React: Criticizing Israel isn’t always anti-Semitic, but blind criticism might be

Wind blows through an Israeli flag hanging over Jerusalem's Old City in 2009.
Wind blows through an Israeli flag hanging over Jerusalem’s Old City in 2009.
(Bernat Armangue / AP)

To the editor: In addressing letter writers who say that criticizing Israel does not make someone anti-Semitic, allow me to make a statement that I hope those writers would support: Criticizing Israel isn’t necessarily a hateful act.

As someone who lived in Israel for almost 17 years, I did not experience a day without hearing strong criticism. It is not a secret that each Israeli, Jewish and Arab alike, considers himself an important contributor to the discussion.

Anyone who blindly criticizes Israel may be doing it with anti-Semitism as a motivator. There are critics who hold Israel up to standards that they do not apply to any other country or people, and who remain deafeningly silent on egregious Palestinian behavior.

I agree that not all criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic. I just bristle when it is.

Steve Klein, Encino

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