Readers React: This Revolutionary War hero — a 16-year-old girl — will lift your spirits this grim July 4

To the editor: America’s place in the world seems to be faltering. Certainly its self-serving, do-nothing, venal political leaders deserve blame.

So do its people. We’ve dumbed down and gotten nasty. Kindness and civility are on the endangered species list. So that’s the discouraging part.

But then there’s this little-known piece of history.

When British troops attacked Danbury, Conn., in 1777, a rider came to the Ludington family household to ask for the local militia’s help. But the colonists were miles apart on their farms, and the rider was exhausted. So, 16-year-old Sybil Ludington climbed on her horse, rode 40 miles all night and tracked down 400 colonists.


They joined forces with the Continental Army, stopped the advance, and sent the Brits scurrying back to their boats. Gen. George Washington thanked Sybil for her service.

Lord knows democracy can be messy. But Sybil Ludington’s Yankee grit should remind us that America is a tough broad.

Danielle Karson, Pasadena


To the editor: After reading Connor Feiedersdorf’s op-ed article on the patriotism of those who oppose President Trump, I am humbly reminded of my own naturalization as a citizen years ago of the many freedoms and opportunities we have under our American flag.

All great presidents have been able to explain their most cherished values and beliefs. Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president, articulated his powerfully and succinctly: “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves; and under the rule of a just God, cannot long retain it.”

I would suggest that Trump take note.

Allan Rawland, Rancho Cucamonga


To the editor: The founders we celebrate this July 4 were the very embodiment of spirited, bold and prescient leadership that stands in stark contrast to today’s weak Republican Congress.

We have many feckless Republican legislators so paralyzed by the political correctness and emotional pandering of the media and congressional left that they are too intimidated to support current border security laws, fund truly robust border security or even vote for the rational and orderly immigration reforms advocated by the president.

As for the Democrats, their leaders in Congress have wandered so far off the reservation that they work to eliminate strong national borders and advocate street-mob intimidation of political rivals.

This July 4, we are witnessing a colossal failure of American leadership so profound and consequential that the terrible prospect of another civil war is beginning to be envisaged by thoughtful observers. That is why this will be a melancholy Independence Day for many patriotic Americans, and why we are becoming very discerning voters.

Brian J. Goldenfeld, Woodland Hills

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