Readers React: What’s the matter with Lindsey Graham?

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) shouts during a Judiciary Committee hearing on Sept. 27.
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To the editor: What an about-face by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). His performance at the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday will most surely make the history books in the chapters that discuss President Trump.

When “the Donald” (as Graham called him during the Republican presidential primary campaign) gave out his phone number, he produced a video showing himself trying to destroy his cellphone. He put the phone in a blender, set it on fire, stomped on it and finally used a golf club.

Things have changed. Graham surely has a new phone number, and he has become one of Trump’s most ardent and dramatic supporters.

Graham and Trump play golf together. Does Graham still use the same driver with which he smashed his phone, or has that changed too?


Ellie Berner, Stratham, N.H.


To the editor: Having decided to employ a female prosecutor to question Christine Blasey Ford, the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, most notably Graham, merely waited until Judge Brett Kavanaugh was the witness to attack and tear down Ford.

I was upset to hear Graham tell Kavanaugh that he had nothing to apologize for. He and his fellow Republicans will soon regret his tone-deaf and thoughtless remark. Ford was very credible, and Kavanaugh was not.


Whatever good Graham did for his country during his career in public service, it was all washed away by his shameful, disrespectful and stupid dismissal of the trauma that Ford experienced

Ray McKown, Torrance


To the editor: Remember when Hillary Clinton testified for 11 hours in front of an overtly hostile House committee? She acquitted herself well by answering questions logically and truthfully.

Contrast that with Kavanaugh’s performance on Thursday, where he dissembled his way through a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. That was followed by Graham embarrassingly emoting his way through a few minutes of questioning by the media.

What passes for Republican manhood these days is just embarrassing. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. Look at the leader of the GOP, whose most distinguishing characteristics are his lying and sense of victimhood.

Gary Ollila, Chesapeake, Va.



To the editor: In response to Graham’s statement, “This is hell,” I say welcome to the world of sexual assault victims.

Gail Twohy, Escondido

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