Readers React: Mike Pence puts the inhumanity of Trumpism on display in Pyeongchang


To the editor: I read with tears in my eyes about the combined Korean delegation at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. As a Vietnamese refugee, I couldn’t help but profoundly admire the peaceful way that the two Korean governments are treating reunification, even if only symbolically. (“Don’t expect any diplomatic breakthroughs at the ‘Peace Olympics,’” editorial, Feb. 9)

The fact that the athletes from the north and the south are using one new flag shows how mature the Koreans are on this issue. Furthermore, it was so appropriate that the organizers selected John Lennon’s “Imagine” to be sung at the opening ceremony.

Meanwhile, facing such a movingly beautiful spectacle, Vice President Mike Pence remained sitting stone-faced, showing the inhumanity of a Trumpist politician.


Do Huu Chi, Garden Grove


To the editor: The “some” who are calling the 2018 Winter Games the Peace Olympics include the International Olympic Committee and the Korean governments.

And it isn’t just Koreans and Korean Americans yearning for peace — Americans are worried that we might start a war in Korea. As one of the many yearners, I don’t expect a dramatic breakthrough, and I understand that successful diplomacy doesn’t require one.

But I do expect adult behavior and common courtesy from U.S. officials, as opposed to Pence’s refusing to stand for the unified Korean team of athletes entering the stadium and then his leaving before their two women ice hockey players lighted the Olympic torch together. This kind of undiplomatic rudeness and the rest of the Trump administration’s saber-rattling will have the U.S. sidelined on the world stage.

We must demand that Congress do its job and assert its constitutional responsibility to weigh in on Trump’s foolhardy plans to “bloody the nose” of North Korea’s version of an impulsive leader by starting yet another war there.

Roberta Medford, Montrose



To the editor: I would expect that the vice president of the United States, attending the Olympics in South Korea, would be gracious and politely acknowledge all participants and representatives.

I found Pence’s behavior rude and embarrassing. It certainly betrayed a lack of sportsmanship on the part of the American representative in South Korea.

Claire Zimmer, Palm Springs

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