Readers React: Liberals don’t fear Mississippi, they’re just disgusted by its politics

***BESTPIX*** Cindy Hyde-Smith Holds Election Night Event In Tight Senate Runoff Election
Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) waves to supporters after speaking during an election-night event in Jackson, Miss., on Nov. 27.
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To the editor: I differ with op-ed article writer Margaret Littman’s assumption that those boycotting Mississippi and other states do so out of fear.

I have no intention of visiting these places out of disgust — disgust for a population that so totally supports a party and especially its leader, President Trump. This population has no problem with a leader who is a notorious womanizer, bigot, slanderer and liar.

Littman seems to write about her understanding of Mississippi residents’ viewpoint rather than vice versa. While she enthusiastically notes places where she found attitudes similar to hers, she was obviously not expecting to change the opinions of people with whom she disagreed.

It seems she is implying that by listening to them, we will come to understand and agree with them. Sorry, but I have no intention of even slightly agreeing with this ugliness.


Laura Newman, Santa Barbara


To the editor: One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi …

When you visit Mississippi or other states in the Deep South, don’t forget its past, but also remember: Change is slow and an ongoing task.


Ben Miles, Huntington Beach

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