Readers React: To Trump’s critics, Mueller’s BuzzFeed statement didn’t matter — it was time to attack

Special counsel Robert Mueller on Capitol Hill in 2017.
(J. Scott Applewhite / AP)

To the editor: Columnist Virginia Heffernan’s attack on President Trump’s moral turpitude didn’t seem to pay much attention to the response by Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III to the BuzzFeed claims of Trump’s attempt to coerce his formal personal attorney Michael Cohen into lying to Congress.

Mueller’s office, which never comments on anything, took the extraordinary step to shut down the speculation by stating the claims about evidence it has gathered were “not accurate.”

Even though Mueller is the darling of liberals, Heffernan proved tone deaf to the importance of the special counsel’s comments and continued in her usual attacks on Trump as if nothing had been said by Mueller’s office.


Robert Newman, West Hills


To the editor: I agree with just about everything in Heffernan’s column. I would also offer an important reminder about the hypocritical behavior of many “Christian” Trump supporters who seem not the least disturbed by his moral turpitude.

Granted, moral turpitude is typically used as a legal concept that connotes conduct that shocks the public conscience. Where has Christian conscience been during the blatant moral abomination of his election campaign and presidency?

Many Christians presumably consider moral law as transcendent to secular law. Natural law, in particular, is often invoked to express the sovereignty of eternal moral principles. Based on the common sense of natural law as applied to all humanity, Trump would certainly be judged as unworthy of any role in public life.

Why do so many of Trump’s Christian supporters give the president a free pass?

Joseph L. DeVitis, Rancho Mirage


To the editor: Heffernan has it exactly right: Trump’s moral turpitude is going to bring him down. America can only hope that he does not bring our lovely country down with him.

Fred Barker, Burbank

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