Readers React: Why a Mueller report that disappoints liberals may be just the start of Trump’s troubles

Robert Mueller
Robert Mueller arrives at Capitol Hill last June for a closed-door meeting with the Senate Judiciary Committee.
(Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)

To the editor: In writing that liberals may be disappointed by the results of Justice Department Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation, Jonah Goldberg seems to be conflating evidence with proof.

There’s a ton of evidence. Whether the Mueller investigation ends with a bang or a whimper remains to be seen.

It’s true that Mueller is “under no obligation to file any public report at all,” since his report will be submitted to Atty. Gen. William Barr, who will decide what will be released. At any rate, the House’s many investigative committees will pick up the baton from Mueller and use their subpoena power to obtain the materials (and witness testimonies) they need to move forward.

No, Mr. Goldberg, the end of the Mueller probe will not be the end of this “tragicomedy,” and that is by design — it is the way our system works.


Nate Tucker, Costa Mesa


To the editor: Goldberg suggests that Mueller’s disclosures may end up like the play “Waiting for Godot.” I’m as close to Goldberg’s opinion this time as I ever have been.

However, I suggest the British film “Gosford Park” to be a better comparison. In that movie, a wealthy host is murdered while entertaining a houseful of guests. The chief detective spends the entire movie interviewing and releasing all the guests and household help from culpability. Nothing really happens, and the case is closed.


I have found over the past two-plus years that there is a lot of smoke emanating from the White House. To use another analogy, I ask Goldberg to withhold his judgment until the smoke from the White House chimney turns white.

John R. Shiban, Westlake Village

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