Readers React: It shouldn’t be so hard to reverse an unjust parking ticket in L.A.

Los Angeles City Councilman David Ryu has called for a review of the no-parking signs put up by the
A sign put up by the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services warns of parking limits.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Like several L.A. Times letter writers, I can sympathize with Hollywood resident Lisa Soremekun, who fought for two years to be reimbursed for an unjustly written parking ticket. I too fought the bureaucracy and eventually won, though I had to jump through many unnecessary hoops.

I got a ticket for violating a street sweeping sign that said there was no parking during certain hours every Monday. Problem was that my ticket was issued on a Tuesday.

I made calls, sent in paperwork and complained in person only to have my appeal rejected each time. Only after I was given an in-person appointment, in which someone was able to use Google Earth to compare the street sign with the date on my ticket, did I get my money back.

I wonder why this wasn’t done earlier. Either the system is completely broken, or the powers that be want us to just give up and abandon our pursuit of justice.


Jeff Bernhardt, Valley Glen

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