Readers React: Count on it: Deaths and injuries will go up on streets with raised speed limits


To the editor: The state law mandating speed limits based on the natural flow of traffic is a classic example of legislative stupidity.

First, it lets lawbreakers change the law by collectively breaking the law. Second, it penalizes primarily local residents for the transgressions of speeding motorists on their way somewhere else.

Los Angeles and its neighboring cities enjoy professional policing by trained men and women who are trying to keep bad folks under some control. Apparently, no local agency can deflect this regulation, so for police to be able to enforce speed limits, local governments need to raise them.


Democrats have the state Legislature completely in their hands, and our next governor understands how local governments should work. They should fix this stupid law.

David Sartin, Glendale


To the editor: Statistics, like gravity, tend to be pretty reliable. Raising the speed limit on any street or highway can be readily demonstrated to cause an expected higher rate of traffic accidents, property damage and deaths to pedestrians, drivers and their passengers.

Most drivers give little thought to the speed of their vehicles, braking distances or their surrounding conditions. Not a day goes by when I don’t see drivers pass me on the street and accelerate toward a glowing red signal in front of them.

When the traffic geniuses raise speed limits and thus lower safety, do they wonder who will be the first to die because of their decision?

Kevin H. Park, Westlake Village


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