Opinion: Rational government can return only when Trump leaves the White House

President Donald Trump with chief strategist Steve Bannon, right, and National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, center, in the Oval Office of the White House on Jan. 28.
(Alex Brandon / Associated Press)

To the editor: Jonah Goldberg, a rare conservative who refuses to be blinded by President Trump’s glitter, nevertheless suggests that he will move to the center. (“Trump is taking the Bannon Way, and it will end in disaster,” Opinion, Jan. 31)

Good luck on that one. Trump got elected by throwing red meat to his supporters, and there is no reason to believe he will stop. He is what he is: unsubtle, impulsive and self-absorbed. Anything that would make a normal person move to the center, such as igniting a firestorm with an ill-considered executive order, serves only to cement his conviction that he is beset by evil opponents.

Trump and the government won’t move toward the center until he leaves the White House.

Geoff Kuenning, Claremont


To the editor: I cannot believe it: I agree with Goldberg.

Yes, Trump has mashed the gas pedal on crazy and foolish, while top advisor Stephen K. Bannon “relishes sowing chaos and demonizing the press.”


Trump was voted in largely because of his reputation as a successful businessman who can shake up the status quo. But his administration’s disastrous first weeks are not about setting negotiating positions. The world can see that there’s nothing normal or rational about the sloppy, ill-timed, unvetted actions.

Goldberg says that Democrats and the media are supplying gasoline for Trump’s destructive fires. Yeah, and Bannon is the one wielding the flamethrower.

Mark Karagianis, Porter Ranch


To the editor: That I am frequently agreeing with Goldberg just shows me that we are indeed in trying times.

Where are the Republican legislators and other leaders? History will not judge kindly those who were too cowardly to risk the wrath of Trump’s ragged band of supporters.

Irene Guimera, Manhattan Beach

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