Readers React: How Trump subverted global efforts to rein in China on trade

A containership sails through Hong Kong's West Lamma Channel on Sept. 18.
(Jerome Favre / EPA)

To the editor: Charlene Fu and Curtis Chin state that President Trump’s China tariffs might be “unpalatable” and “unsettling,” but they argue that his policies are a welcome move toward establishing a U.S.-led global consensus that will compel China to follow international trade law.

There was once such an emerging consensus. But then Trump was elected president and started attacking our North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies in Europe and scuttled the the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which sought to create a U.S.-led counterbalance to Chinese trade. Trump has also put the North American Free Trade Agreement at risk.

Contrary to the authors’ assertions, Trump’s policies have subverted efforts to convince China to hew to international trade law.

Charles Delgadillo, Corona


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