Opinion: ‘Lock her up’? Trump’s supporters better get used to a lot of broken promises.


To the editor: The Times reports that Donald Trump faces a dilemma over whether to fulfill his promise to prosecute and possibly imprison Hillary Clinton. (“Call to ‘lock her up’ puts Trump in a bind over his threat to prosecute Hillary Clinton,” Nov. 11)

What dilemma? Donald Trump made an unsolicited promise to America. He did not stammer or stutter. In vociferous and specific language, Trump made his intentions clear concerning Hillary Clinton. In fact, he said it would be a top priority.

The people heard and responded, placing Trump in the White House. All he has to do is fulfill his promise. So, where is the dilemma?


The only dilemma is the truthfulness of Trump’s promise. If he spoke the truth, there is no dilemma. However, if he did not speak the truth, we will have to wait and see.

William Thurmond, Los Angeles


To the editor: There is no dilemma on whether Trump, after his inauguration, should push for Clinton’s prosecution. Doing so would be a gratuitous and classless attack on Clinton, the half of the electorate who supported her and our democratic system itself.

Trump needs to walk away from the most inflammatory rhetoric of his campaign rallies. If he governs the same way he put on campaign rallies, he invites an “us versus them” dynamic that might rip the country apart.

Eric Carlson, Los Angeles

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