Readers React: Let’s stop acting surprised by exploding deficits under a Republican government

President Trump speaks at the White House on March 23 before signing a $1.3-trillion federal spending bill.
(Jim Lo Scalzo / EPA)
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To the editor: The truth is that Republicans have never been opposed to government spending deficits as a matter of principle — or even policy. (“Budget office projects growing deficits and massive debt during Trump administration,” April 11)

The party members’ position in the issue depends entirely upon who benefits from the deficit spending. Since the present burgeoning debt is largely benefiting the financial, political and social elite, Republicans see nothing objectionable about the consequences of unfettered spending.

Marie Antoinette would be right at home.

Carolyn Magnuson, Long Beach



To the editor: The article on skyrocketing federal deficits confirms my worst fears and criticisms as a baby boomer: We are leaving the Generation Xers and the millennials a much poorer environment than what our Greatest Generation parents left us.

They built public schools, national highways and a host of important structures and institutions. We are leaving our heirs a stratospheric national debt, a broken infrastructure and medical bills due in large part to selfish choices.

The heck with the AARP — we need an AAYP (American Assn. of Young People).

Mark M. Nakagawa, Los Angeles

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