Readers React: Trump lies, so of course it’s hard to believe him on Iran

Smoke billows from the Norwegian-owned Front Altair tanker said to have been attacked in the waters of the Gulf of Oman.
(Iranian Student News Agency)

To the editor: One of the obvious dangers of an administration that lies and misrepresents as a matter of course is that we have no reason to believe the leaders even in a real crisis.

So when Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo quickly blames Iran for explosions on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman, I do not believe him.

Are we to believe Iran instigated attacks on a Japanese vessel while the prime minister of Japan was visiting Iran to defuse tensions? The owner of the Japanese tanker has subsequently disputed U.S. accounts of the attacks. What a surprise.

This administration seems hellbent on starting a war with Iran. The president has previously shown a disdain for further wars, but he is so incompetent and so malleable that I wouldn’t put it past him to start a war if he thought it would be good for a change in the news cycle.


I do hope that good people at the Pentagon are principled and strong enough to push back on the administration before we go down a path we will inevitably regret.

Marc Chasman, Sherman Oaks

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