Letters to the Editor: Keep the pro-Trump letters coming -- they explain a lot

A supporter holds up a sign at a campaign rally for then-candidate Donald Trump in Orlando, Fla., in 2016.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Thanks for printing letters from readers who ardently support President Trump. Two such recent letters explained a lot.

One writer graciously conceded Trump’s oratorical shortcomings. But she dismissed them as inconsequential where she could intuit that he “has a great heart ... and loves America.” That facile sentiment seems to suffice for legions of the president’s defenders.

A more subtle but telling remark came from a letter writer who chastised the Los Angeles Times for publishing news and opinions “with the apparent goal of destroying Trump [and] the beautiful first lady.” Seeing “beautiful” instead of a more substantive adjective like “beneficent” or “intelligent” told me all I needed to know.

Where the president’s defenders resort to their intuition or his wife’s attractiveness to counter criticism of his inept reign, The Times has ample justification for continuing to publish items that take Trump to task.

Sarah S. Williams, Santa Barbara



To the editor: Paul Thornton explained the letters page’s anti-Trump tilt by saying that the paper receives far more submissions criticizing the president than supporting him.

Perhaps another explanation is that he ignores pro-Trump letters and other submissions that provide a conservative view. I have written such letters from time to time that were never published.

I have found it very disheartening that some of my letters have never been published and have therefore lost the desire to write more.

John T. Kirages, Arcadia