Letters to the Editor: Republicans’ cowering to Trump risks their party’s future

President Trump speaks in the East Room of the White House on July 18.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: The GOP reluctantly made a deal with the devil when it embraced Donald Trump as its nominee for president in 2016. (“Aren’t presidents supposed to be against racial divisiveness?” letters, July 23)

He knocked each of his Republican opponents off in the primary one by one by name-calling and rallying his base and other fence-sitters who were willing to take a chance. Republicans must still fear Trump’s sway.

If the Republicans had courage and wanted Trump out, all they would have to do is vote for conviction in the Senate along with all Democratic senators. About 20 Republican senators are all that would be needed if the House passed articles of impeachment. They would be left with President Mike Pence and a new vice president of their choosing.

But since they are coming to Trump’s defense, the Republicans must still fear the president’s political weight with his base and beyond. I don’t know what numbers they are looking at, but their reluctance to hold Trump accountable risks irreparable damage to their party.

Andrew Tilles, Studio City



To the editor: The constant “drumbeat” is that Trump is racist because of his comments to the “squad” made up of four Democratic congresswomen.

Does the L.A. Times or anyone else truly believe that Trump would not have said the same things if the squad were made up of four white men who constantly went after him?

Lea Osborne, Woodland Hills