Letters to the Editor: Trump supporters exist in L.A., but many remain silent out of fear

Trump supporters in L.A.
Supporters of President Trump rally at Los Angeles International Airport on Feb. 4, 2017.
( Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Columnist Robin Abcarian would have saved herself hours of driving time to the Bakersfield suburb of Oildale if she had been aware of life beyond the liberal bubble right here in Los Angeles.

Unlike the residents of Oildale who support President Trump, we cannot afford the luxury of wearing our “Make America Great Again” hats in public. We must remain quiet about our opinions lest there be confrontations or, especially for those in the entertainment industry, loss of work. We have experienced ostracism from friends and relatives on the left.

We are not all white, nor are we predominantly working class. These are myths perpetrated by the left.

I wish she could talk to the conservative physicians, lawyers, musicians, authors, scientists, actors, artists and college students of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds in my social circle. Sadly, despite this being America, they are unable to speak freely without repercussions.

Leslie Fuhrer Friedman, Culver City



To the editor: What’s terrifying is the Oildale resident who “scoffed” when Abcarian cited research about black and brown students sometimes receiving harsher punishment than their white peers, and denied the advantages conferred by white skin, despite studies supporting both.

We have become a nation that now confers equal credence to opinions, untethered to facts, expertise, research and empiricism. It is past time for schools to offer courses to help students understand logic and develop reasoning skills so they, and we, can tackle problems armed with facts and analysis.

Jennifer Pinkerton, Glendale


To the editor: Can someone please inform the staunch patriots from the Norris barbershop in Oildale that they should not be using a likeness of the American flag as a barber cape?

The owner, who was in the U.S. Coast Guard, should know better than to permit that in his establishment. I bet many would agree that soiling our beloved flag with hair clippings is very disrespectful.

Tom Scarillo, Studio City