Letters to the Editor: Trump’s racist attacks will probably get worse before election day

President Trump speaks to reporters outside the White House on July 24.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: Wake up, America: We have an individual in the White House who is blatantly using the centuries-old strategy of divide and conquer in our country. (“President Trump is on a race-baiting roll. Of course he is,” July 29)

President Trump’s comments directed at Democratic lawmakers of color show he is willing to use almost any tactic, however egregious and distasteful (racism being one such tool), to keep us divided and to remain in power.

Trump will continue spewing anger, bitterness and hatred on a regular basis knowing full well if he does not get reelected in 2020, his political and personal life are in serious legal jeopardy. These diatribes will only increase as election day approaches.

As they say in show business, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Matt Giorgi, Brea


To the editor: Regarding the incessant charges of racism against Trump, I am reminded of the famous phrase, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”


Today, crying racism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

Trump’s opponents have absolutely no factual, intellectual or moral ground to stand up on, so they resort to reflexive charges of racism. They have nothing else.

Kemp Richardson, Santa Clarita


To the editor: Trump has targeted minority members of Congress who disagree with his policies by criticizing their districts as crime infested and impoverished.

He needs to be reminded that their districts are his districts. He often touts how great the economy and stock market are doing. Evidently, the great economy hasn’t trickled down to those districts.

We need a president who spends less “executive time” watching TV and tweeting and more time on addressing our social and economic problems.

June Thompson, Los Angeles


To the editor: To people who believe in “love it or leave it” and “go back where you came from,” I’d like to know what they think of a president who once described American as a “broken nation” that is filled with “carnage” and becoming a “third-world country.”

Linda Oster, Escondido


To the editor: It’s about time we stop excusing this president’s behavior as “just Trump being Trump.”

Whether he’s insulting women; whether he’s race or religion baiting; whether he’s ridiculing our allies; whether he’s hiring, firing, insulting or threatening former associates, employees or friends; or whether he’s praising and cozying up to dictators and lying in the face of obvious truth, it’s always Trump being Trump.

Ask yourself, would you excuse such conduct in your children, your friends, your relatives or yourself? We will never change Trump being Trump, but in 2020 we can and should change Trump being president.

Marshall Barth, Encino