Letters to the Editor: Over 50 and divorcing? Be prepared to pay — for a long time

There's a tendency to think that divorce is mainly for the young, but today that's less often the case.
(Matt Rourke / Associated Press )
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To the editor: I agree with the studies that call “gray divorce” emotionally and financially harrowing.

The study mentioned that women older than 50 who divorce may suffer a sharp decline in their standard of living. But the article made no mention of what happens when a middle-aged woman has to support the middle-aged man who is divorcing her. This is becoming more and more common.

According to California law, if you have been married more than 10 years, the spouse with the least amount of money may ask for financial support. If a spouse is over 65, that support can go on until death because you can’t force a person over that age to work.


I found out about all of this the hard way. I am a woman who must pay spousal support with no end in sight (unless my ex remarries). So getting a “gray divorce” can be a major financial shock.

Linda Cooper, Studio City