Letters to the Editor: If we can’t stop suicide bombings, why are we still in Afghanistan?

Afghan security officials move the body of an alleged suicide bomber on Aug. 7.
Afghan security officials move the body of an alleged suicide bomber in Kabul on Aug. 7.
(Hedayatullah Amid / EPA/Shutterstock)

To the editor: If an agreement between the United States and the Taliban regarding Afghanistan will not end the suicide bombings, and if our 18-year military presence hasn’t ended the bombings, then what are we still doing in that country? (“Terrorist ‘safe havens’ are a myth — and no reason for continuing the war in Afghanistan,” Opinion, Aug. 19)

The British, the Russians and now the United States have (hopefully, finally) learned that involvement in a civil war on the Asian continent is a recipe for disaster. Our continued presence in Afghanistan is just what the Islamic extremists want — bleed us slowly of our men, material and money.

Mr. President, bring our troops home.

Michael Rubino, San Pedro



To the editor: Do you think women and girls about to be re-enslaved, abused and denied educational and political rights in Afghanistan care whether it is the Taliban, Al Qaeda or Islamic State who do it?

What a ridiculous premise, that since Al Qaeda won’t come back, that means there is no reason to stay in Afghanistan.

Great timing, what with Islamic State killing more that 60 people over the weekend in Kabul. We can leave with a clean conscience.

Bruce Liebman, Los Angeles