Letters to the Editor: A lesson from British MPs to Republicans on standing up to Trump

Supporters of Britain staying in the European Union rally outside Parliament in London on Sept. 3.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: Members of the British Parliament demonstrated their patriotism and concern for the welfare of their constituents by passing a bill to block Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s foolish move to leave the European Union by Oct. 31 even without an agreement.

C-SPAN covered much of the debate, and the arguments presented in support of the bill were well reasoned and illustrated an informed concern for the nation’s welfare. It is ironic that the country our Founding Fathers left to ultimately create a “more perfect union” is properly exercising checks on the imbalance exerted by Johnson.

However, the Republican-controlled Senate in our country repeatedly fails to check the conduct of the executive branch. President Trump has repeatedly engaged in acts contrary to both the spirit and the letter of the Constitution.


Perhaps the Senate should learn from the House of Commons what it means to serve your country.

Terry Shenkman, Culver City


To the editor: The Republicans afraid to take on Trump and his crazy machinations need to look across the pond to their British cousins to see how 23 members of Parliament from the prime minister’s own party bravely defied their leader in their opposition to a no-deal Brexit.

I dare say is that the current British prime minister is maybe only 10% as crazy as the current president of the United States.

Republican members of Congress will be judged poorly in the 2020 elections and even worse by history.

Nato Flores, Los Angeles