Letters to the Editor: Evangelicals’ solid support of Trump is very un-Christian

First Lady Melania Trump, President Trump and the Rev. Franklin Graham pray during a ceremony honoring Graham's father, the late Rev. Billy Graham, in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol on Feb. 28, 2018.
(Evan Vucci / Associated Press)

To the editor: Religion has been scorned for centuries as the cause of wars, persecutions, criminal cover-ups and even the Crusades. Yet the various forms of belief in a god or gods have inspired charity, art, personal strength, kindness and love.

That’s why it is was so disheartening to read that prominent evangelical Christian leaders and their followers are still standing firm behind President Trump.

One attendee of an event put on by the Rev. Franklin Graham was quoted as saying, “I do feel like we are, as Christians, the first line of defense for the president. Trump is supporting our Christian principles.” According to the article, a recent Pew Research survey found that 77% of white evangelical Protestants approved of Trump’s performance.


Does this “performance” include his alleged groping of women and suspected hush-money payoff of an adult film actress?

Ted Bacino, Palm Springs


To the editor: The late Rev. Billy Graham spent half a century at the side of American presidents — presidents who actually went to church, showed respect for every citizen and behaved in what might be called a civilized fashion. His son Franklin Graham, however, seems to have ignored his father’s guidance.

In Trump, Graham celebrates a man who does not go to church regularly, has no respect for anyone who does not like him and behaves in a way that can be charitably called boorish. The president exhibits no sense of Christian charity and acts completely from self-interest.

Yet, in several respects, Trump and Graham are kindred spirits. They both fly private planes and want for nothing (except credibility).

Peter Altschuler, Santa Monica