Letters to the Editor: Uber and Lyft make LAX a nightmare. Move them off site, but not taxis

Taxis and vehicles from ride-hailing services at the LAX departures level.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: There’s one very important difference between ride-share and taxi pickups at Los Angeles International Airport, both of which will soon be moved to a parking lot east of Terminal 1.

Taxis do not make curbside pickups the way private vehicles and ride-share services do. Rather, cab drivers need to wait at stands located at various points on the arrivals level.

We who prefer cabs and are accustomed to walking safely to the taxi stands are being thrown in with those who think “ride share” is the greatest contribution to humankind since invention of sliced bread. Well, LAX is now making toast of us.


Nobody asked Uber and Lyft to come in and clog the airport roadways.

Warren Cereghino, Pacific Palisades


To the editor: After all the info about LAX’s new passenger pickup procedures soon to take effect, all designed to defeat congestion, I find it interesting that an airport spokesperson sums it all up as follows: “We don’t anticipate any real change in the general traffic conditions or traffic flow.”

Great. Nice to know the traffic nightmare will continue. It’s Hollywood-Burbank Airport for me.

Paul Robert Coyle, Valley Village