Letters to the Editor: What do Trump voters think about democracy? The answers could be disturbing

Supporters of President Trump watch a pro-impeachment march.
Supporters of President Trump watch as pro-impeachment demonstrators march in downtown Los Angeles.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Equally important as the current opinions of voters on impeaching President Trump are the attitudes of these voters toward democracy, something that our president has put in jeopardy.

It’s inconceivable to me that many voters could not fear for the foundational principles of our Constitution. Their support for Trump seems to be reflected in the attitude of the woman I recently saw on television who was asked, “If he shot someone on 5th Avenue, would you vote for him?” Her answer: “You’d have to know why he shot him.”

This kind of thinking by Trump’s ardent base tells me that love of this demagogue overrides the patriotism and idealism for our democracy that one would expect from Americans.

Today, we need a poll to assess the attitudes of voters toward the basic principles of our democracy. Let’s hope that it would show that patriotism overrides blind partisanship.


Joanne Oroark, Santa Barbara


To the editor: If three in four Americans have already made up their minds about impeachment, it means that 75% of us have read the transcripts, heard the testimonies of witnesses and studied case law so they can fairly evaluate the merits of a Trump impeachment.

Thank goodness for the 25% who are taking it slow with no rush to judgment.


As the “Election 2020" kicker above the headline for this article suggests, the push to impeach and remove Trump is not really about truth and justice, but who wins in 2020.

Randy St. Aubyn, Sierra Madre