Letters to the Editor: Why it’s ridiculous to say Elizabeth Warren is like Donald Trump

Elizabeth Warren in Iowa
Elizabeth Warren speaks in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Nov. 2.
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To the editor: I will distill Jonah Goldberg’s column comparing President Trump with Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren:

Trump is a liar who makes stupid campaign promises, and so is Warren. Plus, Warren is a know-it-all with plans, so she’s really deplorable. And on top of that, the liberal cultural establishment (epitomized by “Saturday Night Live”) coddles the blue team and picks on the red team.

Here’s my counter argument: Warren has the brain, heart and courage to beat Trump. Comedians mine the rich vein of Donald Trump because that’s where the laughs are.

Lee Myles, Pasadena



To the editor: If one were to write a book about Warren’s plans, it would be in the fantasy section. Warren’s plans mostly involve giving away free things to just about everybody, but it’s all paid for by billionaires and evil corporations.

Do the Democrats want to defeat Trump, or do they just want to put forth a far-left agenda? If they want the former, I have a plan for that: Nominate a moderate Democrat with realistic plans to benefit all Americans.

Arthur L. Wisot, Rolling Hills Estates



To the editor: Trump is a constant target of humorists because he deserves to be. His boorish behaviors are a gift to comedy writers. Who could resist mocking his ineptness, recklessness, disorganization and that wild and crazy narcissism?

Goldberg’s statement comparing Warren and Trump, “The most relevant difference boils down to a matter of taste,” is comical. Any similarities between Trump and Warren end after we agree that they both are humans.

Trump looks out for himself and his wealthy cronies. Warren has consistently and successfully advocated for consumer rights, was a law professor, is a U.S. senator, and works well with others. Trump’s businesses have gone bankrupt, he has a reputation of dishonesty that grows by the day, and he has no understanding of constitutional law.

Mary Franklin, Huntington Beach

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