Letters to the Editor: Stop obsessing over the tiny percentage of cops with rap sheets

An LAPD officer arrests a suspect
A Los Angeles police officer arrests a man suspected of carrying an illegal firearm in his car on July 25.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Your editorial began with the question, “Who knew California had so many criminal police officers?” and went on to discuss around 80 active cops with troublesome backgrounds.

Every cop I know is also troubled by this infinitesimal number of problematic officers. The L.A. Times Editorial Board minimizes the great value of the roughly 79,000 active officers in California by focusing on the bad deeds of a few problem cops. Perhaps a bit of balance could have been added to this editorial by conspicuously mentioning that those roughly 80 officers are such a tiny percentage of the number of so many wonderful men and women who are honored to wear a badge.

It is pretty tough to be a cop these days, and the background investigations themselves would suggest that the men and women who wear badges are generally a reflection of a positive segment of our society. They are your sons and daughters and husbands and wives.

Please, try to reflect that absolute reality.


Keith Bushey, Asuza

The writer is a retired Los Angeles Police Department commander.