Letters to the Editor: A UC Berkeley class on ‘adulting’ is a sad reflection of our society

UC Berkeley campus
Students walk near Sather Gate on the UC Berkeley campus on Sept. 9.
(Josh Edelson / For The Times)

To the editor: A class on “adulting”? At UC Berkeley? Come on!

These kids mean to say that they are capable of earning a degree from one of the world’s foremost academic institutions, yet they cannot figure out by themselves how to read a cookbook, get to work on time or how not to outspend their income?

This is one more puzzlement facing this octogenarian in today’s world gone mad. Still, I suppose one shouldn’t expect more from the youth of a society that elected Donald Trump as its leader.


Patrick Ian O’Donnell, Yorba Linda


To the editor: How many UC Berkeley students does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: 30.

One screws it in, and the other 29 refer to their notes in “adulting” class to make sure that’s how the guest speaker instructed them on the proper technique.

Victoria I. Paterno, Los Angeles