Letters to the Editor: Only wealthy immigrants are welcome in Trump’s America

Protesters rally against the Trump administration's immigration policies in New York in February 2017.
(Bryan R. Smith / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: The Trump administration’s “public charge” regulation attempts to severely limit the pathway to green cards for low-income immigrants and is a clear indication of the lengths to which it will go to rig the immigration system in favor of the most wealthy. The rule looks to weaponize the very programs that enable immigrant families to maintain healthy lives and continue contributing to our economy.

Shared prosperity comes from ensuring access to opportunities for all people, including immigrants. We denounce the removal of these nationwide protections and raise our voices to condemn the health and economic damage that the expanded public charge rule would cause across the nation if implemented.

Shame on this administration for targeting immigrant communities. California will do everything in its power to support and defend our state’s incredibly diverse immigrant communities. We will not rest until we pursue every avenue at our disposal, including Congress and the California Legislature, to make sure our communities can thrive.


Cynthia Buiza, Los Angeles

The writer is executive director of the California Immigrant Policy Center.