Letters to the Editor: Normal people don’t attack dead congressmen. Trump isn’t normal

President Trump at a campaign rally
President Trump speaks during a rally in Battle Creek, Mich., on Dec. 18.
(Scott Olson / Getty Images)

To the editor: Matt Welch talked about others’ reactions to our president’s penchant for defaming the dead, but he said nothing about why President Trump keeps doing it.

To Trump it makes perfect sense: The dead can’t fight back. This is what sociopaths do.

Welch speaks as if our president is normal and has a conscience. By definition sociopaths do not. They do not feel love like most others do. Such an existence is almost impossible for us to imagine, yet it is this incapacity to feel love that prevents people like Trump from having a conscience or feeling empathy.

Trump appears not to understand the difference between wrong and right, let alone the hurt his comment about the late Rep. John Dingell being in hell would cause to a grieving widow. He regards that grieving widow the same way you and I regard a table or a chair.


Bella Silverstein, Santa Clarita


To the editor: Trump said Dingell was in hell. In response, I tore a page of my Bible and sent it to our president. It was the book of Matthew, Chapter 7, Verse 1, where Jesus said, “Do not judge or you too will be judged.”

Apparently Trump missed Sunday school the day that lesson was taught.

Clay Wells, Newport Beach


To the editor: Why does Trump keep attacking dead people? The answer is simple.

First, dead people cannot fight back. Second, it makes the news.

John Sherwood, Topanga