Letters to the Editor: Pro-Trump letters to The Times reveal ‘cult-like thinking’

President Trump and Atty. Gen. William Barr in the White House on May 22.
President Trump and Atty. Gen. William Barr in the White House on May 22.
(Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)

To the editor: Thank you for printing the letter defending Atty. Gen. William Barr. It reveals so much about the thinking of a segment of Americans.

The writer restates Fox News conspiracy theories and ends by thanking God for Barr. He even says the attorney general is saving American democracy. Really?

He’s using religious phrases to praise a proven liar who’s protecting a proven liar in the White House. He is so sure of his faux reality. He is willing to ignore everything your paper has printed on why Trump should be impeached -- everything.

The letter made me feel sick inside, almost hopeless. How do we fight through the hardened bubble that this cult-like thinking has developed? We must try.


Many of us are worried that American democracy is crumbling right in front of our eyes, and the people who support this demise are thrilled about it. The angst we feel is real. It needs to be discussed and dealt with somehow.

Mike Cohen, Studio City


To the editor: The Trumpians, as indicated by one of your readers, have latched onto a comment by former Atty. Gen. Eric Holder that he was a “wing man” for President Obama as evidence that Barr is not really a bad guy after all.

Other than this wing-man comment, to what events can the Trump folks point where Holder engaged in the sycophantic, partisan activities attributed to Barr, as pointed out in the L.A. Times’ editorial?

I have to assume that by being Obama’s wing man, Holder’s job was to help the president bring civility, compassion, thoughtful decision making, integrity and honesty to the White House. We see what Barr is helping bring to the White House, and it is none of those things.

Carl Falletta, Yorba Linda