Opinion: No, Democrats don’t want ‘full-term abortions,’ readers say

Abortion protests
Protesters on both sides of the abortion issue gather in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building on Jan. 18, 2019.
(Mark Wilson / Getty Images)

Sometimes, the letters published in response to a particular article do not adequately reflect how overwhelming the response was from our readers. So it was with the four letters on Jan. 10 critical of former GOP strategist Scott Jennings’ explanation of why evangelical Republicans will always support an imperfect sinner like President Trump over any candidate from a leftward-lurching Democratic Party.

The letters were just a small sample of the completely one-sided and resounding disagreement our writers registered with Jennings’ latest submission. As of this writing, not a single one of the 80-plus readers who responded to Jennings agreed with him. It isn’t uncommon for letter writers to gravitate toward one side on any given political topic, but unanimity is exceedingly rare, especially with so many responses.

The most common disagreement was with Jennings’ assertion that Democratic candidates “prefer full-term abortions.”

Barbara Jackson of Cerritos accuses Jennings of manipulation:


Jennings flushed his credibility down the toilet by declaring that Democrats “prefer full-term abortions.” Sadly, this utterly false and disrespectful claim is a useful tool for manipulating public opinion.

The anti-abortion activists know the truth about the circumstances and the infinitesimally small number of late-term procedures. But the terms of their deal with the devil require that any and all means, including support of a president like Trump, justify an end to legal abortion.

Studio City resident Esther Friedberg makes a similar point:

Jennings seems to believe the lies expounded by the president. Where did he get the idea that Democrats want “full-term abortions” and “no borders”?

I am a Democrat and know many Democrats, but I do not have such ridiculous ideas and don’t know anyone else who does.

Janet Ashley of San Pedro wants to know if any pro-choice extremists are running for president:

Jennings states that, for Christian conservatives, the choice is between Trump and people who prefer full-term abortions and no borders.

Can anyone show me anyone stating they prefer full-term abortions and no borders? Anyone? Please, I want to see it, because if it’s really true, I’m not going to vote for them either.

Marty Wilson of Whittier believes Jennings’ piece should not have been published:

I often wonder how evangelical conservatives can continue to support Trump. Jennings has made it very clear.

He distorts the most extreme positions of the left by talking about full-term abortions, open borders and taxpayer-funded gender surgery. He states that the Christian conservatives believe a vote against Trump is a vote for a party that believes Republicans are “deplorable and racist.”

I even sense an anti-feminist taint in him pointing out that suburban women have abandoned Trump but their male counterparts are stalwart in their loyalty. Hey, maybe those men will bring their wives back in line before the election.

While I appreciate The Times publishing different points of view, Jennings’ commentary was not worthy of your pages.