Letters to the Editor: Why everyone, even union members, will benefit from ‘Medicare for all’

Medicare for all protest
Protesters supporting Medicare for all hold a rally outside PhRMA headquarters in Washington on April 29, 2019.
(Win McNamee / Getty Images)

To the editor: Why is this anti-"Medicare for all” talking point being trotted out again? (“Candidates’ talk of ‘Medicare for all’ makes some unions nervous. Here’s why,” Dec. 23)

Very few Americans are unionized and even fewer of these unionized workers have gold-plated healthcare plans that would exceed the benefits of Medicare for all. I thought the final nail was driven in this argument when General Motors workers recently went on strike and were shocked to find out management had stopped their access to their “wonderful” health insurance benefits.

Employer-provided health insurance is one more boot on the necks of the American worker. Under Medicare for all, no one can stop your healthcare benefits for any reason.

I hope Americans will not again allow themselves to be bamboozled into settling for less than they deserve by listening to obvious healthcare industry propaganda.


Stuart Massion, Kushiro, Japan


To the editor: While talk of Medicare for all may make some unions nervous, it shouldn’t.

I am a retired member of United Teachers Los Angeles and have very good healthcare benefits. But as the number of retirees climbs and not enough people enter the workforce, our health plans and benefits will become increasingly unsustainable.

I once asked a union leader who’s knowledgeable on this subject about the best way to address this looming demographic crisis. His response: Medicare for all.

Jon Krampner, Los Angeles