Letters to the Editor: Boy Scouts of America, another institution sued into honesty about sexual abuse

A statue of a Scout stands outside the Boy Scouts of America offices in Irving, Texas.
(Tom Pennington / Getty Images)

To the editor: When asked about things that shaped my life, I often respond my Catholic education and the Boy Scouts. So, you can appreciate the discomfort I feel about both institutions’ forfeiture of responsibility in sexual abuse. (“Boy Scouts seek bankruptcy under wave of new sex abuse lawsuits,” Feb. 17)

The leaders of the church have repeatedly and criminally demonstrated a shocking lack of administrative ability to do the right thing. Now Scouting has joined the disgrace with decades of denial.

I had a long run in Catholic education, from first grade to a master’s degree in theology. I am also an Eagle Scout, and I take pride in both achievements. Both of these entities have only come to the truth via litigation, and the honesty, morality and fair play that I have long valued have been victims of their reticence.

Ted Furlow, Long Beach



To the editor: The Chapter 11 filing by the Boy Scouts of America brought home a flood of memories of the dedicated adult volunteers who gave hundreds of hours of their time to provide a learning environment for young boys. At the time I thought I was learning outdoor skills. What I really learned was what it means to be a responsible adult.

I hope that Scouting can find a path to relevance in this and ensuing generations. The lessons it has to teach are too valuable to be left to chance.

Douglas C. Watson, Palm Desert