Letters to the Editor: Women’s bravery ended Harvey Weinstein’s reign of terror


To the editor: Given the smirks and the bravado that convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein showcased during his trial in New York, “fallen Hollywood titan” seems a generous description of this serial terrorizer, rapist and abuser.

I hope there is a better way to describe the fall of a powerful man who hurt so many people than to somehow make him frail or bewildered (quote: “he looked around as if confused” when being handcuffed). Personally, the responses I was more interested in were those of the women who came forward — their bravery deserved to be the contrast to Weinstein’s weakness when his reign of terror ceased to be effective.

Sarah Buttenwieser, Northampton, Mass.



To the editor: On a bad day for Weinstein, there is some good news for him. His walker won an Oscar for best supporting actor.

Robert Souders, Hermosa Beach