Letters to the Editor: Is Trump setting up Mike Pence as the coronavirus fall guy?

Mike Pence and Donald Turmp
President Trump speaks at the White House news conference on Feb. 26 in which he announced Vice President Mike Pence would be leading the administration’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.
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To the editor: Sure, naming Vice President Mike Pence, a science-disdaining evangelical Christian, to coordinate our country’s response to the looming coronavirus epidemic may seem like yet another inapt Trumpian appointment. But giving Pence something to do might turn out to be a win-win for Trump.

If the virus’ spread somehow is thwarted under Pence’s direction, Trump can cite this stunning success all the way to election day. If an epidemic ensues, Trump can tell Pence he’s fired and replace him with a more appealing running mate.

Waiting in the wings for such an exigency is Nikki Haley; as a former ambassador to the United Nations, state legislator and governor, she’s compiled a sterling resume. With Haley on the ticket, Trump can hope to draw in millions of women who otherwise would vote for a mixed-gender Democratic ticket.

Democrats have every reason to pray that Pence doesn’t falter in his epidemic-fighting role.


Edward Alston, Santa Maria


To the editor: The president, in order to manage the spin on the COVID-19 virus and make sure to maintain the very best of images, has decided that any medical information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention meant for American citizens must first get the blessing of the vice president, who has no medical training.

There’s a name for this kind of governance -- it’s called “dictatorship.”

Ellen Faulk, Santa Monica


To the editor: The president’s handling of the coronavirus reminds me of how the Soviet Union handled the Chernobyl crisis. We all remember how that turned out.

We need knowledgeable scientists keeping us informed, not ignorant politicians.


Saul Goldfarb, Thousand Oaks

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