Letters to the Editor: ‘Namaste’ instead of shaking hands is one way to halt coronavirus

All but one bottle of hand sanitizer remains on a Walgreens shelf in Idaho Falls, Idaho, on Feb. 28, amid fears of the coronavirus.
(John Roark / Idaho Post-Register)

To the editor: To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we should avoid bodily contact with each other as much as possible. Therefore, shaking hands should be avoided.

Let us adopt the Indian custom of “namaste” to greet each other. By folding our hands and holding them close to our chest, we avoid bodily contact yet greet each other and show respect as well.

It is time to abandon the hand shake altogether.

Madan G. Mukhopadhyay, M.D., Altadena



To the editor: One thing should be abundantly clear to anyone paying attention: President Trump cares mostly about the market response to the coronavirus outbreak, and he will misrepresent any fact that puts him in a bad light.

He has leaned almost fully on the economy to convince people that it is all that matters when it comes to judging his performance as president. Therefore, his answer to the coronavirus is to crank up the lies and misinformation while the thought of actually protecting the American public does not naturally occur to him.

He has also put fear into the minds of our federal experts lest they say something to draw his ego-driven wrath, even if what’s being said is factual. As the response leader, Vice President Mike Pence laughably gives credit to Trump for anything positive that happens.


This is no way to run a disaster response.

Kim Hemphill, South Riding, Va.