Letters to the Editor: Why all markets should open early for self-isolating seniors

A shopper at a Ralphs supermarket in Panorama City.
A shopper is confronted by empty shelves at a Ralphs supermarket in Panorama City.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: As a senior I totally understand Gov. Gavin Newsom’s suggestion that I self-isolate.

But recently, I went to four markets beginning at 9 a.m. looking for fresh vegetables. One store after another had bare shelves. It’s pretty hard to stay at home when I have to forage for food.

I heard that some markets are having early-morning hours for seniors, who are at particular risk of developing serious complications because of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, there are no such stores in my neighborhood.


I strongly encourage other markets to open early for seniors. It would make self-isolating a whole lot easier.

Karen Berrenson, Woodland Hills


To the editor: Instead of just urging people to stay home, the authorities should encourage us to go out and walk, jog, bicycle and roller skate. These solitary activities can easily be carried out at a safe distance from fellow participants.

These kinds of exercises build lung capacity, which may well make a difference, perhaps a life-saving one, for those who do get sick with COVID-19.

Urging people to become couch potatoes for what could easily be several months will only trade one public health crisis for another.

Alan B. Posner, Santa Barbara