Letters to the Editor: Pass a coronavirus stimulus bill, and tax the rich to pay for it

To the editor: Congress and the president are right to be looking to aid to those adversely affected economically by the coronavirus. But they are wrong if they don’t deal with the cost of doing so in the same legislation.

I believe a special tax on the wealthiest Americans — say, those who have an income of at least $1 million per year — would be a reasonable way to do this. The surcharge would be temporary and end when the cost of the stimulus is recovered.

This country cannot afford to continue putting everything on the national credit card. The U.S. budget deficit in 2019 was already almost $1 trillion. We cannot continue these irresponsible fiscal policies.

We need bailouts and stimulus, but only if they contain provisions to pay for them. While President Trump may not like this, I doubt that he would veto it.


A.M. Marks, Riverside


To the editor: Trump wouldn’t dare approve a deal that would ultimately enrich the airline bosses and investors at the expense of workers and taxpayers — or would he?

Voters would not need pitchforks to express their outrage when a simple ballot would do the trick.


Barbara Jackson, Cerritos