Letters to the Editor: Does government need to start handing out toilet paper?

Senior shoppers
Volunteer Nagma Shakur, 16, left, helps shoppers with their carts at the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market in Altadena on Thursday.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: We are experiencing a national health crisis, and the average consumer is having a very difficult time finding basic hygiene necessities.

I just want to buy a modest amount of toilet paper and some cleaning supplies for me and my 93-year-old mother without waiting in a line for hours or driving from store to store when I am supposed to be limiting contact with people, only to come away empty-handed.

I’d like to see local governments in every area where there is a need set up distribution sites for the basic items we all require to stay healthy. Charge a fair price, or give items away to those with reduced incomes. Limit the quantities individuals can take, and be transparent about supplies on hand.

Kathleen Wiley, El Segundo



To the editor: Fortunately, not everyone is as cold-hearted as the woman at Trader Joe’s who shouted at the seniors to go to the end of the line.

My 77-year-old sister, who is physically handicapped, posted a note on the Big Bear Facebook page asking about the best times to shop for someone with mobility issues. She was absolutely overwhelmed to find dozens of responses from complete strangers offering to shop for her.

The current pandemic appears to bring out both the best and worst in people.


David McGee, Glendale


To the editor: After a man was tested, the nurse told him, “Unfortunately the test came back positive for COVID-19.”

“That cannot be correct,” he responded. “I have more than 40 cases of Costco water and 200 rolls of toilet paper.”

Jeff De Paris, Los Angeles

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