Letters to the Editor: People in China and South Korea wear masks in public. We should too

Coronavirus mask
A man wearing a protective mask walks in downtown Los Angeles on Feb. 27.
(Los Angeles TImes)

To the editor: Thank you for your editorial about the measures we can take as a country to fight the coronavirus.

There is one simple solution that was not mentioned: If we all wore homemade masks, we could greatly decrease the transmission of the disease. Basically, I wear a mask to protect you, and you wear a mask to protect me.

Everyone can make a mask out of a shirt, cloth or scarf. Let’s start wearing them to protect each other when we have to go out for any reason.


In China, South Korea and Japan and elsewhere, going out wearing a mask is the courteous and cautious thing to do. Those countries flattened the curve, and we can too.

Carrie Gibson, Venice


To the editor: Your editorial clearly points out that fighting COVID-19 is a national problem worthy of a national response.

The reason the fight is being handled by the governors of the various states is that they realized they had to take charge. We were sailing into this storm with Captain Queeg at the helm.

The president’s position was that he will lend a helping hand to the governors who publicly praise his seamanship. Thank God many of our governors know what needs to be done, because Captain Queeg has no idea.

Bob Wicks, Brea



To the editor: With the pseudo shutdown and everyone being told to stay home, I feel retired.

The dream of doing anything you want, any time you want is just that — a dream. Even if you are a fortunate American with disposable income, you cannot use that money to do anything.

The happiest group during this trying time? All the dogs in America.

Matthew D. Kerster, Gardena