Letters to the Editor: Hikers, for the love of God, wear masks if you want trails to stay open

Trails re-opened
Hikers at Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve take advantage of newly reopened trails on May 9 in Woodland Hills.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: My husband and I were so excited about being able to hike in our mountains again, so we went up early one morning this week. To our great disappointment, we felt more unsafe there than on our neighborhood streets. (“Grateful hikers return to Griffith Park: ‘Like being set free,’” May 9)

There were lots of people and very few masks — in other words, lots of huffing and puffing near us but not much protection.

Didn’t these people get the memo about the rules on trails reopening? Should there be enforcement?

Sadly, for us it’s back to the streets until people understand the social implications and obligations of our current situation.


Andrea White, Encino


To the editor: I live one-half mile north of the ocean in Newport Beach and try to walk down the hill three or four times a week. (“Beachgoers rejoice as Orange County’s coastline reopens under deal with Newsom,” May 6)

When the latest rule permitting “active recreational use” was implemented recently — allowing walking, surfing, cycling, swimming, running and the like — I expected to see a bunch of people moving and not sitting on towels and chairs.

But upon seeing the beach, what immediately came to mind was the old adage, “Give an inch and they’ll take a mile.” I saw people just lying on the sand, staying mostly still except for reaching in the cooler for another cold one.

Even with the signs at the beach edge stating clearly, “Active recreational use only,” I didn’t even see anyone walking or jogging. It’s sad that when people are given something, they immediately take advantage of it.

Bill Spitalnick, Newport Beach