Letters to the Editor: Enough with the quarantine complaints. It’s not like bombs are raining down on us

Huntington Beach protest
A Huntington Beach protest on May 1 calling for coronavirus restrictions to be lifted.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I am 72 and in that group most vulnerable to COVID-19. Yes, I would rather be traveling around the world, but I have no serious complaints staying home. (“L.A. County achieves major coronavirus win as transmission rate hits lowest level,” May 21)

There are no bombs raining on my head. I am not a refugee trying to escape with my life. I am not standing in line waiting to fill a pot of water. I have access to fresh food and running water. I can reach my friends by email, phone or text. My friends check in on me because they care about me.

Half the world would gladly trade their everyday problems for the modest inconveniences I am experiencing. I may have anxious dreams, but I am dreaming them on a proper bed. I am not sleeping on a sidewalk.

By staying at home, I am helping the planet rest. I am grateful to everyone who is putting any effort into solving our current pandemic problems. I will never second-guess those who battle this virus if their work turns out to be ineffective, while I sat here sheltering in place and doing little more than pecking at a keyboard.


Here at home I am surrounded by books. I am surrounded by love. Outside my back window, the tide still moves up and down. Outside my front window, the flowers have already begun to bloom. And in my cozy shelter, I have lots of toilet paper.

Stay safe. Remain healthy. Be grateful.

Don Ciaffardini, Long Beach