Letters to the Editor: Mattis reminds Trump: The Constitution is above you, not the other way around

James N. Mattis
Then-Defense Secretary James N. Mattis speaks as President Trump listens during a briefing with senior military leaders on Oct. 23, 2018.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: President Trump evidently believes he is above the Constitution; retired Marine Gen. James N. Mattis, Trump’s first secretary of Defense, points out that the opposite is true — the Constitution is above the president.

Shame on you, Mr. President. Thank you, Gen. Mattis.

Saul Goldfarb, Thousand Oaks


To the editor: It was predictable. When Mattis was critical of him, Trump did not respond with a reasoned defense of his actions. Instead, he personally attacked Mattis, calling him the world’s “most overrated general.”


Of course, when Trump nominated Mattis to be his secretary of Defense, he called him “one of our great, great generals.”

And who can forget Trump calling Meryl Streep an “overrated actress”? She had to find comfort in her three Oscars and 21 nominations.

Bruce Janger, Santa Monica


To the editor: Mattis is justly proud of his oath to the Constitution and 50 years of service to the United States. Yet, only after three-plus years of a four-year presidential term did he “kiss and tell” on Trump.

The United States educated Mattis and gave him good incomes and positions in government that garner respect in society. How unfortunate that a few years of service in a 50-year career have forever destroyed this “Johnny come lately.”

Cary Adams, North Hollywood


To the editor: At last someone dares to say, “The emperor has no clothes.”

Thank you, Gen. Mattis.

Margo Astroth, Encinitas