Letters to the Editor: How Trump would rewrite the preamble to the U.S. Constitution

Trump at the Rose Garden
President Trump arrives to speak June 1 at the Rose Garden of the White House.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: As former Secretary of State and retired Army Gen. Colin Powell noted, President Trump has shown little regard for our Constitution — how it not only confers but limits powers, and how it is a document that represents the best thinking of some brilliant men on how to establish a country based on principles and laws.

If the president had the opportunity to rewrite our Constitution, and not just disregard it by his speech and actions, his preamble would be totally different from the thoughtful one our forefathers wrote. It would be more like this:

“I, Donald J. Trump, in order to form a less perfect country, divide the union, disregard justice, disturb the domestic tranquility, provide for my enrichment, promote the welfare of me and my family, abuse the blessings of liberty and free speech, do hereby set myself above the law, and allow myself to say and do anything to secure a second term by whatever means possible.”

Irving Weinstein, Ventura


To the editor: Whenever the president is criticized, his response is like that of a stand-up comic — to come back with an insult.


Too bad Don Rickles is no longer with us; he would have been perfect presidential material.

Larry Harmell, Granada Hills


To the editor: I have a dream — that at the Republican National Convention, the party will dump Trump and nominate a more rational candidate, like Powell.

It’s time to rid ourselves of this cheap, phony reality-show host and elect someone rational.

Larry Walker, Canoga Park