Letters to the Editor: This isn’t Nixon’s GOP. That’s great for Trump, but terrible for us

Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon, with family members in tow, greets the crowd at a 1969 inaugural ball.
(Gary Settle / Associated Press)
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To the editor: Both Presidents Richard Nixon and Donald Trump are bad in the sense that both lack a moral compass and are self-absorbed. (“Trump can follow Nixon’s fear-driven playbook. But history says it won’t work in 2020,” Opinion, June 7)

Nixon, however, was a decent if not good president. He got through much legislation that was good for the country.

Also, Nixon had a GOP that cared more about the health of the country than its hold on power. That was easily seen in some Republicans’ willingness to impeach Nixon for his failures.


How times have changed.

M. Lynn Mout, San Diego


To the editor: I agree that Nixon’s playbook isn’t going to work for Trump. The nation is changing before our eyes, and the fear mongering and strong-arm tactics aren’t going to play well with the electorate.

Here’s what former Vice President Joe Biden needs to do: He must meet with military leaders and police organizations to establish a connection on the heels of all these prominent former military officers denouncing Trump.

He must make a commitment to them that their jobs are safe and their purpose is to protect and serve the citizens of the country and not the president. Trump is going to tell police officers that their jobs are in jeopardy, and Biden needs to shut that down now.

Tony Wood, Claremont