Letters to the Editor: We didn’t threaten TSA agents after 9/11. Why threaten health officials over masks?

 Los Angeles County's public health director Barbara Ferrer
Barbara Ferrer speaks during a news conference after she was appointed Los Angeles County’s public health director by the Board of Supervisors on May 1, 2018.
(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)
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To the editor: I am unclear on why many Americans are so up in arms in this fight against COVID-19 when it comes to wearing a mask. This disease has killed many more people than the 9/11 terrorist attacks, after which rules were put into place that we continue to observe today. (“L.A. County health director receives death threats over coronavirus rules,” June 22)

We did not threaten the lives of Transportation Security Administration agents because we did not like the changes. Rather, we understood the new rules were necessary to prevent another attack.

We are now fighting a different war against an invisible threat, and when health officials ask us to wear a mask as an easy way for us to wield a weapon against COVID-19, we should thank them, not threaten their lives.


This disease is killing us, putting strain on our healthcare system and weakening our economy — all effects that our enemies would surely celebrate. When we don’t wear masks, we contribute to our defeat.

No one is asking anyone to pick a political party or go to war. Just wear a mask.

Christina Rodriguez, Highland


To the editor: Is it just a coincidence that the health officers of Los Angeles County and Orange County who received threats — the latter of whom was intimidated into resigning — are both women? I think not.

This is ignorant, selfish and misogynistic.

Darlene Moses Olympius, Yorba Linda


To the editor: The ostriches have struck again.

Put your head in the sand and the virus will go away. Kill the messenger and the virus will go away. Worship the president and the virus will go away.

Death threats to our public health officers? Depraved!

Disbelieve science? Stupid!

Ignore the threat? Double stupid!

Jean Brandt, Encino



To the editor: Some sheriffs in California said their departments will refuse to enforce California’s order on face coverings. One cited the “potential for negative outcomes during enforcement encounters.”

Police don’t seem overly concerned about potentially negative outcomes during enforcement encounters when they protect the jobs of officers with long histories of using excessive force, but they balk when faced with the apparently daunting task of asking people to wear a mask.

These sheriffs have left the job of mask enforcement (and the risk of negative outcomes) to the general public and shown, once again, that they have less concern for public safety than protecting their worst-behaving officers.

By refusing to enforce the state order, these law enforcement officials have (unwittingly, I’d assume) helped to support the case for shifting our massive public safety investments to more effective uses, also known as “defunding the police.”

Morgan Martin, Santa Monica