Letters to the Editor: Why does Trump obsessively attack Obama? He’s jealous

Trump and Obama
President Trump walks with former President Obama on Capitol Hill in Washington on Jan. 20, 2017.
(Jack Gruber / Associated Press)

To the editor: There is an easy explanation for why President Trump is trying every lie and cheap attack to tear down the impressive national and international image of Barack Obama.

The former president is everything that Trump would love to be but is not. Obama is a brilliant intellectual, highly literate, athletic and a gifted politician and leader with an intense dedication and compassion for the country and the American people.

Politically the former president is beloved and deeply respected all over the world, especially among our allies in Europe. With Obama, the U.S. would never have become the confused shipwreck without any compass that it is now with Trump.

Let’s hope that Obama can help it sailing again into a bright future.

Liselotte Millauer, Hollywood



To the editor: Although I am not a Trump supporter, I almost feel sorry for this president.

He seems to fight nonexisting foes just like Don Quixote, who attacked windmills that he thought were giants. This literary figure only had one faithful squire, Sancho Panza. Trump has many Sancho Panzas that still surround him and execute his every wish.

This presidency is a tragicomedy, to say the least.

Christine Peterson, Woodland Hills