Letters to the Editor: Mary Trump, we could have used your tell-all book before 2016

Trump family
Donald Trump waves to staff members of the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort in 1990. To his left is his mother, Mary, and his father, Fred.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: Hey, Mary Trump, where were you when we needed you before the 2016 election? (“Niece’s book says Trump views ‘cheating as a way of life,’” July 7)

Nice of you to hop on the John Bolton bandwagon and collect large sums of money for your tell-all on Donald Trump. The difference is, Bolton is telling tales based on his experience with President Trump as his national security advisor.

If you had such horrific, and probably very true, stories to tell about your uncle’s unfitness to be president, the time to have revealed them was preelection, when you might have saved the United States from four years of unmitigated misery and decline.

Barbara Pronin, Placentia


To the editor: I have always felt that Trump should be a one-term president. From my standpoint, Americans voted for him as a way to rebuke the wealthy white liberal elites and “Rockefeller Republicans” who have ruled our country since the 1960s.


When one sees what the mainstream media and the elites have tried to do to the president over the last several years, one wonders who has really shown “twisted behavior.” No one denies that Trump has many faults, but so did President Clinton, and he was a better president than either of the Bushes or Barack Obama.

Mary Trump may be a psychologist, but she should have gone into analysis herself before writing a tell-all book to try and take down the president. I know that the L.A. Times and the liberal elites may not like it, but one way or another, democracy will prevail in November.

Mark Walker, Yorba Linda


To the editor: There will be a lot of fallout regarding Mary Trump’s book about her uncle. But let me go on record saying that I’ll take the word of a relative and psychologist over that of Trump’s press secretary or any of the other sycophants who defend him.

Thus far, in his days of holding public office, the president has done little to disprove Mary Trump’s claims.

Susan Stann, Temecula